Youth 2

The Meenister’s Log

I have been very blessed with the the youth leaders with whom I’ve worked over the years.

Although, sometimes, I’ve been left “holding the baby”, as it were.

For example, a particular Cub Scout leader couldn’t cope with the little horrors in her charge any more, and was at the fringes of having what used to be called “a nervous breakdown”.

I knew little about Cubs….. and here comes my big confession: I WAS EXPELLED FROM THE CUB SCOUTS after two years (for unruly behaviour)!!!!!!! …. but I got persuaded to take them over.

Why?  “because you have a loud voice”

In another Parish, having foolishly said that I had looked after that Cub Pack, I was invited on a Tuesday to take over the Scouts on the Friday, even although I had no experience at all of Scouting.

In a previous Charge, I got landed with the Boys Brigade.  Being the Minister, I became the Chaplain, but most Friday evenings, after I had opened the proceedings, I was asked by the Captain to stay on and help, as very few, if any sometimes, of the other Officers had turned up.

It was a good working arrangement, however, as the Captain was the manager of a local grocery store and at the end of the month I got “tick”

So, knowing next to nothing about uniformed youth organizations, in the past I’ve taught knots, shouted a lot, been to camps, shouted a lot, instructed lads in drill, and shouted a lot ……….

…….. oh, and pulled out a Cub who had thought it a good idea to climb into the alligators’ enclosure at Port of Spain Zoo…. but was too stunned to shout at all!

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