The Weaker Sex

The Meenister’s Log

It’s a good guage as to how nervous a bride is on her wedding day by the number of petals falling off her bouquet.

Yet brides are often made of far stronger stuff than their other half.

I once had a bridegroom faint on me.  We had got to that part in the ceremony where promises are made and vows exchanged.

He answered – very quietly, in barely a whisper, “I DO”. 

When the bride also answered in the affirmative, his eyes rolled up in their sockets and – crumple – down he went knocking over the best man, the rings scattering on the floor.

Was it relief? or, dare I say it, disappointment? Or had fear of that old devil “THE SPEECH” (see elsewhere in this blog) finally got to him?

I don’t know, but his mother, father, brothers, aunties, grannies, second-cousins, next-door neighbours et al burst into tears and pushing the bride aside, trampling over her beautiful white dress in the process, rushed over to him.

We laid him out along the front pew and tried to finish this pivotal part of the service.  He had his mum sitting beside him, with his head in her lap, and his bride kneeling on the floor in front of him, holding his hand.

After a few minutes, dispensing with the last hymn, he walked up the aisle with his new wife on one side and his best man supporting him on the other.

It’s a wedding that I’ll never forget, nor will they and especially her – as the whole shambles was caught on video.

Every time they watch it, can you imagine the comments from her about him – even after all these years?!

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