The Meenister’s Log

There was a Scottish footballer of many years ago who had a well-deserved reputation as being a hard man and a bully,on and off the pitch.

At one particular International, where the ref was French, he was at his appaling worst – hacking down opposition players in the most brutal manner.

This was before the days of yellow cards, but the French referee had strong words with him, warning him that if there was going to be a repeat of this thuggish behaviour, he’d be sent off.

Ten minutes later and a nasty foul.

Ref: “You’re off!”

Player: ” away and bile yer heid, ye bandy legged wee nyaff.

Ref:  “Thank you, but it’stoo late to apologise!”

Words, communication, misunderstanding – how do we do it?  What umbrage has been taken and what relationsships destroyed so often over a misunderstood word or words?

And so often it is so unnecessary. Words – speak them gently and kindly – and be patient; the person that you’re talking to may not always grasp the nuances of what you really mean to express. 

“A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” Proverbs 15:1. 

Sometimes, we have to force ourselves to speak softly and kindly. Silence, when one is attacked, is often the best method to cool wrath. Decisions made when angry, tired, or discouraged are unreliable anyway, so it is best to relax and let anger cool. And when you do speak, let it always be quietly and lovingly


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