Dog Collar

The Meenister’s Log

A sure fire way to get a fellow traveller – be it by bus, train or plane – to start up a conversation, is to wear a clerical collar.

It works three ways – either nobody will sit next to you,if they can; secondly, they will engage you in a long tedious and usually off-the-wall discussion of their own faith; or, have a debate along the lines of “you don’t believe in all that nonsense, surely!”

I once had a very pleasant train journey from Edinburgh to London, sans dog-collar.  Sat beside a lovely family, mum, dad and a couple of young kids.  We had a great conversation, a couple of beers, and general chit-chat about the most important matters in the world: football, cars, and booze.

It was only when we reached King’s Cross, that the guy with whom I was travelling, said something along the lines of “Sandy, I never asked you what you work at?”

When he heard the answer, his jaw dropped and you could almost see him going over in his mind “what did I say that might have been inappropriate during the journey?”

On the other hand, I’ve heard of a minister who wears his collar on holiday – even while abroad – “in case someone needs pastoral help”

Aye,it takes all kinds.


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