The Worst Ever Student – again

The Meenister’s Log

Pastoral visit to a a mum-to-be who was having problems with her pregnancy – “Would you be sorry if you lost the baby?”

Post-funeral visit to a newly widowed parishioner – “I find that if I’m feeling down, I just hum a wee tune and it makes me feel better – my favourite is “Happy, happy talk “from yon musical whose name I can’t remember – but it goes like this….”

To a member made redundant after working with the same company for over thirty years: “You’ll have more time now to put your feet up,  watch TV, read the paper and have a dram or two – just like Sandy here; that’s all these meenister’s do, you know”

Another funeral visit – to the widower “I hope you didn’t book a summer holiday for the two of you”

From the pulpit “I was surprised to be attached to what folk say is a dull, respectable congregation – you may be dull, but you’re not respectable”  (in fairness, it’s a quote but not exactly the way to start off your first address from the pulpit)

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