The Occult Games

looney comment in one of today’s on-line newspapers(29 July 2012)  regarding the Olympics:

No wonder there are so many seats empty at the games. Clearly Christian people purchased them then when the watched the build up it was clear it would not be acceptable as a spectacle to them. As a Christian Nation I would like to ask, why are all the symbols for these Olympics of the Occult? Thelittle representative Olympic Mascots figurines have the one EYE withon the forehead a small triangle with an all seeing eye in it. TheShard that was required to finished for the Olympics isrepresentative of the power of the occult and Satan. The dominantcolours of the stadium are purple.

The lights over the stadium are in theform of a seeing eye where the lights are on top of the triangle andunusually a space is left below for the all seeing eye. The ringingon bells in churches and homes on the 27th July 12 is andoccult action to request Satan to take up his throne here.

The London Eye is another symbol..

If you watch the creepy video promotingthe occult oops I mean the Olympics the birds and things are allrepresentative of spirits while they have little flying things thatare triangular with the single eye. Even the 21 ton bell has occultwords written on it.

Not one Christian symbol anywhere to beseen but plainly seen are all the symbols and colours of the occult. 

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