For Better; For Worse

The Meenister’s Log

This was a strange one: I was helping out a neighbouring minister who was on holiday by conducting a wedding ceremony for him at his church.

First of all, the Registrar (whom I knew well) phoned me to say that she herself would  deliver the official paperwork to me half an hour before the service (it is the usual practice for the couple themselves, one or both to collect the marriage schedule in person).  It was also  a Saturday afternoon when she and her staff shouldn’t have been working.  No reason was given.

They were a pretty rough crowd who looked (and smelled) as if they had made record profits for a local hostelry.  Two large, burly guys with polis sized black shoes were standing at the back watching everything left right and centre.

The bride arrived fashionably half an hour late.  Her mother had a face on her that would freeze boiling water in an instant.

The couple barely looked at one another.  When it came to the vows, she hesitated then eventually said “I suppose so – I do”

After completing the paperwork, with the Registrar hanging around to collect it (!)  they tramped sullenly up the aisle, the plainclothes gents with the size fourteens following.

Amazingly, there was no violence, physical or verbal……… they reserved the big punch up for the reception!

I still don’t know what that was all about but I’ve a sneaky suspicion that my colleague, for whom I was covering, had deliberately timed his holidays to avoid that one.

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