A Wedding in all but Name

The Meenister’s Log

Now this was a strange one -and I still don’t know what was going on.

I was asked a few years ago to conduct a wedding at a local country house hotel – only it wasn’t to be an actual wedding as such – more a public declaration of the couple’s love for each other, even although both were free to marry.

It was a lovely “non-wedding” held outside in the gardens of this hotel.

The “groom” and “best man” were immaculately dressed.  All the “trappings” were in place, and the guests (a goodly number) present.

{I had a “gentleman’s bet” with the manager that the “bride” wouldn’t show up – I said “yes”; she, “no”}.

But she did – a bonny lass in full meringue dress.

I asked the manager to be present to witness the fact that this was NOT a legal wedding and said to the guests that this was not a marriage, not legally binding, but a declaration of loving commitment.

The vows were tailored accordingly.

Nothing was signed – there was nothing to sign.

I didn’t attend the reception, but heard later that it was just the usual sort of thing……. and they went on “honeymoon” thereafter.

I still can’t figure what that was all about, and none of the parties present enlightened me before or after

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