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I once gave my then student, Yvonne, Matthew 1 as the Reading for this particular Sunday in Advent:

The Genealogy of Jesus:

1 The book of the generation of  Jesus Christ, the son of David, son of Abraham:

2 Abraham begot Isaac, and Isaac begot Jacob, and Jacob begot Judah and his brothers,

3 And Judah begot Pharez and Zarah of Tamar, and Pharez begot Hezron, and Hezron begot Aram,

4 And Aram begot Aminadab, and Aminadab begot Nahshon, and Nahshon begot Salmon,

5 And Salmon begot Boaz of Rahab, and Boaz begot Obed of  Ruth, and Obed begot  Jesse,

6 And Jesse begot David the king. And David begot  Solomon of her who had been thewife of Uriah,

7 And Solomon begot Rehoboam, and Rehoboam begot Abijah, and Abijah begot Asa,

8 And Asa begot Jehoshaphat, and Jehoshaphat begot Joram, and Joram begot Uzziah,

9 And Uzziah begot Jotham, and Jotham begot Ahaz, and Ahaz begot Hezekiah,

10 And Hezekiah begot Manasseh, and Manasseh begot Amon, and Amon begot Josiah.

11 And Josiah begot Jeconiah and his brothers at the time of the deportation to Babylon.

12 And after the deportation to Babylon, Jeconiah begot Salathiel, and Salathiel begot Zerubbabel,

13 And Zerubbabel begot Abiud, and Abiud begot Eliakim, and Eliakim begot Azor,

14 And Azor begot Zadok, and Zadok begot Achim, and Achim begot Eliud,

15 And Eliud begot Eleazar, and Eleazar begot Matthan, and Matthan begot Jacob,

16 And Jacob begot Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

17 Thus all the generations from Abraham until David are fourteen generations, and from David until the deportation to Babylon, fourteen generations, and from the deportation to Babylon until the Christ, fourteen generations.

Now, isn’t that a difficult one to read!  She did it perfectly, but I’m sure was cursing me well into the New Year!



When I was a student in St.Andrews, attached to Holy Trinity Church, at one evening service I had to read a passage from one of the Epistles.

During the second last verse of the hymn before the Lesson, I walked up to the lectern, and the Bible placed thereon, only to discover that all the chapter numbers were written in Roman numerals – rapid calculation – all those Xs and VIs  and so on – whew! found it just as the organist played the last note.



Several times since I’ve turned to the wrong page and read the wrong passage – then desperately had to ad lib something around it at the beginning of the sermon before getting on to the prepared notes; hopefully nobody noticed the join!

Once I just left things as they were and probably none was any the wiser.


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