An Irish Catholic walks into a pub on the Shankill, sits downs and starts to make conversation with a man at the next table.

“Want to hear the world’s worst Orangeman Joke?” he says.

“Aye, but before you tell it, let me tell you something. See those two bikers over there by the door, those tough-looking boys? They’re Orangemen. And the two fellas with the tattoos playing snooker? They’re Orangemen too! The barman?? An Orangeman!! And one more thing, sonny, I’m an Orangeman as well!!! Now….. do you still want to tell that joke?

” “God no!”, replies the Catholic guy, “I don’t want to have to explain it six times!”

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One response to “Orangemen

  1. owen

    The lodges in Scotland and Ireland are pathetic places,grown men dressed up in toy soldier uniforms their mammas made for them,to listen to their uneducated historical and religious dribble is astounding.How can these foolish people claim to be defenders of Protestantism when all they actually done was hide behind a massive wall somewhere near a dairywhile many European armies fought it out,King Billy(gay dude)was in the services of the Pope,he paid for the army to invade the Catholics and the Dutch blue guard regiment(sas of the day)were all Catholics,its down right insane.Iwish those guys could grow up a little and do some good for their countries


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