Myths of Ministry (taken from a recent interchange on OneKirk (FB)

What are some of the myths of ministry that you’ve come across or came to realise while on the job? How about making a list? I’ll start!

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  • Daniel Manastireanu Myth: The minister has to be equal to everyone, a true democrat, treating everyone the same.
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  • Dave Slater Myth: it’s possible to ‘do it all’ i.e. prepare sufficiently for worship every week, deal with meetings and admin, fulfil any Presbytery commitments, do any pastoral visiting/hospi…See More
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  • David William Mcfie although you or most wear a cloak u cant fly like Batman
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  • Daniel Manastireanu And how do you know that, David? Do you have proof? 🙂
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  • Daniel Manastireanu Myth: The minister has to be available to everyone at all times.
    This always winds me up, especially when I hear ministers say that. What about the dark night of the soul, what abo…See More
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  • David William Mcfie because Daniel ive worn my cap and mantle and couldnt even take off
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  • David William Mcfie but of coarse iam not a minister, maybe u have some divine intervention method? Daniel
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  • Daniel Manastireanu That’s what I do, David!
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  • Nelu Balaj Depends what you mean by myth
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  • David William Mcfie so modest Daniel , u will have me convinced you can walk on water,,, ha
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  • David William Mcfie theres a fine line there Nelu
  • Sandy Strachan The manse door is open to everyone 24/7
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  • Owain Jones The Minister is omniscient. When Auntie Maud, who lives in Glenwherrahellzatagen Cottage, is wheeched into hopsital in the middle of the night and nobody knew, the Minister will Feel A Great Disturbance In The Force, and will Know…
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  • Owain Jones …and will say to his Assistant “It was as though millions of voices called out “OhyaBANDIT!!!” and then were silenced…”
  • Daniel Manastireanu The force is strong with you, Owain, don’t give into fear! 🙂
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  • David William Mcfie Owain, Yordi thought rev iain currie was obi wan kenobi
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  • Daniel Manastireanu Myth: The minister has two days off. Or, the flipside: A good minister is a busy minister. How can a minister be both busy and available/sensitive?
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  • David William Mcfie myth u all only work on a sunday
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  • Alexandra Rosener The minister has to please everyone. If the minister gets told that soandso was not pleased by any of his/her decisions the minister has to feel great distress.
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  • Alexandra Rosener Daniel Manastireanu Only two days off? I thought the minister has Monday to Saturday off?!?!
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  • Daniel Manastireanu Hahaha. I thought that was a given, Alexandra!
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  • Daniel Manastireanu On the distress thing!
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  • Daniel Manastireanu Nelu, you should figure that out by the examples given. Do they have something in common?
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  • Owain Jones Christmas: “This’ll be your busy time, then, Minister…”
    Or on a particularly bad day “This’ll be your busyAGGGHAGGAGGGGLUUURGHHspluttercoughsplutter… Cough… Thank you for explaining that to me, Minister…I now fully appreciate that your workload is year-round…”
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  • Sandy Strachan One of my predecessors “never took a holiday” in the thirty-odd years of his ministry in this particular change; fact: he had a cottage somewhere about 50 miles away and would spen…See More
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  • Sandy Strachan Someone once asked if I was going “anywhere nice” over the Easter weekend
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  • Owain Jones I REALLY DID hear this said. “Our minister never takes a holiday… [LONG PAUSE]…. wish he would….”
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  • Owain Jones A very wise former Session Clerk of mine once said “Get a reputation as an early riser, and you can lie in for the rest of yoru life…”
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  • Daniel Manastireanu Sandy, the easter weekend one is hilarious! 🙂
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  • David William Mcfie Sandy were u on a roll at easter
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  • Sandy Strachan there was a minister who always wore his dog collar on holiday – “in case anybody needed pastoral help – they’d know who to turn to”
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  • Daniel Manastireanu Wow, that IS identified. (a psychotherapy term; if you don’t know, shame on you!) 🙂
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  • John Orr To follow Sandy‘s one, I did a wedding (it was family) during the Easter weekend, because, well, it’s a holiday, isn’t it…
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  • Dave Slater Daniel – myth: a minister has to know everything about everything: psychotherapy, project management, team leadership, architecture and buildings maintenance, charity law, youth work, accountancy,… (add your own to the list)
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  • Daniel Manastireanu Did you feel the shame there, Dave? 🙂 I feel it constantly…
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  • David William Mcfie sad thing is there are 300 people on this page, obviously a geat number dont contribuate at all?? Daniel
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  • John Orr Here’s a slightly more obscure one. Why am I supposed know the symptoms and consequences of every medical condition? ‘You need to see Mrs. So-and-so, after all she’s got…’
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  • Sandy Strachan colleague in his first charge – asks the Session Clerk “do we have anything planned for the evening of Good Friday?” “What date is that?” looks up diary “Oh, that’s the evening of the congregational dance!”

    Dance then wherever you may be……….

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  • Daniel Manastireanu Myth: A minister has two tasks: preach on Sunday and visit people during the week. That’s it. Oh, and take funerals, weddings and baptisms. But that’s rare, ain’t it? That’s it, really…
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  • Daniel Manastireanu One of my favorites: The minister’s first priority is the well-being of his/her congregation. Er… nah. The first priority is their own well being. How many of you are annoyed to bits by tributes to ministers that extol overworking and lack of self-care?
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  • Dave Slater Daniel. No. I’m assuming that the ‘shame on you’ is another myth, otherwise this thread really will reinforce that perception that the 99% have that you need to know ‘big words’ to take part in this group.
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  • David William Mcfie sorry dont do big words but know a few small ones that are HUGE and life changing,[GOD]
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  • Daniel Manastireanu Yes, Dave, it is another myth. A minister who doesn’t know something should be ashamed. After all, the buck stops with the minister, right? It makes sense he/she should know it all!

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One response to “Myths of Ministry (taken from a recent interchange on OneKirk (FB)

  1. a former mental health care patient, who used to be a gardener in several places including manses, and to whom I ministered, once said “I know what you meenisters do: you sit on your arses all day, drinking whisky and reading the Scotsman”
    about a minute ago


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