Have You Been Saved?

The Meenister’s Log

At University, I would often attend services at Hope Park Church in St.Andrews.

Every Sunday morning, there would be this particular lady who would try to buttonhole worshippers as they went in to the church – with a question “Have you been saved?”

Not appearing to be rude, on the first time this happened to me, I replied “I think so”


“But you’ve got to KNOW so”

One Sunday, one of my fellow divinity students was stopped and asked the usual question, “Have you been saved?”

To which Gary answered, “Indeed, I have!”

“Where and When?”  (such folk have a day and date and time fixed in their memory when they found Christ)

Gary: “At  Calvary around about 33 A.D, Madam”  and then proceeded to enter the kirk building.


An old joke:  a tramp is wandering along a riverbank, when he encounters some Baptists carrying on full immersion in the waters.

The Pastor stopped our “Gentleman of the Road” and asked him “Have you found Jesus?”

“I don’t know” came the reply.

“Well come with me” – and with that he was dooked in the river by two Deacons.

(this was the first time he had encountered any water for years!)

Spluttering, he came back to the surface.

“Well, have you found Him?”

“No, sorry”

In he went again under the water and again, when he came up was asked the same question, “Have you found Jesus?”

Again a third time and the same question, “Have you found Jesus?”

With a large degree of indignation, our friend answered, “No!  Are you sure that this is the place he fell in?!”

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