The Meenister’s Log

I have to admit that occasionally I have used some un-ministerial language in my time – never anything blasphemous – just the usual industrial language that sadly seems to be common currency these days.

Btw I watched a particular Jeremy Kyle show a while back where nothing that one of his guests said made any sense, as virtually every third word was “beeped” out.

Once when I was driving, I was cut in front by a cyclist.  I sounded my horn and received a “V” sign in return.

I quickly turned into a parallel street, raced up it and back onto the road which he was cycling up.  Stopped the car by the kerb and as he passed by, wound down the window and shouted something sweary at him.  Poor guy nearly fell off his bike.

I realised a nano-second later that it was the wrong cyclist…. oh, and I’d forgotten that I was wearing my clerical collar.

Oh, the embarrassment; oh, the shame!


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.In the Bible story there are all sorts whom Jesus befriended, including prostitutes and rough fishermen.  I guess that Christ was used to hearing crude talk and colourful language.  Sometimes, though not always, a coarse word might just get the message across to some folk for whom sugar-coated “nice” language may be totally ineffectual

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