The Meenister’s Log

One of the most ironic services I conducted was the interment of a Hearts supporter whose family plot lay in the shadow of Hibs Easter Road stadium – they were originally from that part of town.

We proceeded to the cemetery with his own family (some of whom were wearing Jambo colours).

His football scarf was placed on the coffin before it was lowered. And the last offices were performed.

For some reason, his family couldn’t help smiling – and one of them eventually said, “In the shadow of the Hibees stadium – he’ll be turning in his grave!”

I checked, just before we left the graveyard, that was not in fact the case.


There is great rivalry between the Old Firm supporters (Celtic and Rangers – though the latter are now in the third division of Scottish football)

The story is told of a game many years ago when a “neutral” found himself standing (in the days of terracing) between two sets of supporters.

He was being pretty silent as the match raged on in front of him.

A Celtic fan eventually asked him what team he supported and he answered “neither”

A Rangers supporter to the right of him said (he had heard the interchange), “Then what are you doing here, you f***ing atheist?”

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