A mother was in labour in the maternity ward.  She was in such pain that the midwife said “How about an epidural?” to which the mum’s partner answered, “Thanks for the suggestion, but Ann is a bit old fashioned and Epi – no, not really….. and anyhow we’ve already chosen a name”


As long as it wasn’t the poor Glaswegian child who was named Versace McLatchie (true)


There’s the story told of a West Indian baptism (this is so old that I should be paying death duties on it).  The minister asked the couple “What name do you give this child?”

The proud father answered “It pinned on she” (referring to a scrap of paper with the baby’s name written on it and attached to her christening shawl)

And so the Minister, misunderstanding, declared “Itpinnedonshe, I baptise you in the name of the Father……etc”


It could have been worse…. a hospital chaplain was called out to conduct an “emergency” baptism for a poorly new born.

After chatting to the parents for a few minutes, he asked if they’d decided on the wee one’s name.  To which the Dad replied “I dunno”

You can guess the rest………

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