The Sower and the Seed

Once Christ told a parable about a sower and his seed & then interpreted it for his followers. 

Basically, his interpretation tells us that different kinds of people respond to the ways and works of God – the gospel – in different ways.

How we respond to the Word of God is the key to how fruitful the gospel is going to be in our lives….and in the lives of others. 

One cold snowy December night in 1990, an American minister got a phone call at 11:30 p.m.

He and his wife were running an outreach centre, extending a hand to the homeless, the prostitutes and drug addicts in the inner city.

They had earlier approached the caller – a working girl in her late teens – and had said that she could contact them at any time….but at 11.30 on such a terrible night…

She asked them if they would take her to her mother’s house.

And then they were told that  her “boyfriend” who was also her pimp wanted to go too.

This wasn’t the usual way of things:  it was hoped to get these young women away from not only the area, but also their circle of “friends”

Moreover her mother lived in a town which was a three hour drive away.

Against their better judgement, they drove there and back in a snowstorm so bad that for most of the time,  it was hard to see the road.

It was 5:30 a.m. before they both got home, exhausted.

For years they never heard from her, and assumed that they had just wasted their time. In their experience, without both good counselling and good follow-up help, most girls returned to the old lifestyle. And they supposed that this had happened with her as well.

On hindsight, they said they would never do something like that again.

Then 12 years later, this same girl appeared at the manse.

And told them her story….

She and her boyfriend had married, now had four children, and played an active part in their church.

She added that had told many people about the snowy ride they all took so many years ago & of the minister & his wife & their kindness and generosity.  Indeed, every time that they themselves drove through the snow, they remembered and talked about the thoughtfulness and kind-heartedness of the minister and his wife

The minister & his wife had gone many years before they realised that a good harvest had come from their night of lost sleep.

That’s one of the difficulties of sowing the word; sometimes we don’t see the harvest.

But we are called to spread the Good News of God with extravagance. We are called to hear this news in such a way so that it will grow and expand in our lives and produce an abundant harvest.

God’s  loving word has been sown lavishly in our hearts and we thank him for it.  We thank him for how it lies within us – waiting for the right moment, the right conditions, to sprout, to grow, to burst forth into bloom. 

And we thank him for how – even when the ground seems not be good – he always continues to sow.

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