The Blind Man & the Lame Man

Once upon a time, there was a king who owned a beautiful orchard which contained fine fig trees. He hired two watchmen, one blind and one lame to care for this orchard while he went away on a journey.

One day while they were in the orchard, beggars, blind men, lame men, poor widows and hungry children came to the wall surrounding the orchard.

They cried out to the watchmen: “Have mercy on us, members of your own race, for we are poor and need to eat just a morsel of the fruit of the fig tree.”

Hearing their plea, the lame man said to the blind man: “Come and take me upon your shoulder, so that we may gather figs and give them to the members of our own race at the gate.”

So the lame man climbed onto the blind man reached the fruit picked it and both gave it to their fellowmen at the gate. The next day and each day afterwards the same request was made.

And each day the watchmen picked fruit for their fellowmen.

Sometime after, the owner of the orchard came back and asked, “Where are my figs? How did you pick the fruit since one of you is blind and the other lame? Why did you pick it?”

The watchmen then related the past events.

The owner then replied; “Blessed be God for the blind and the lame have shown me that regardless of position you must love your fellow as one of your own. Blessed be the name of the Lord, in his law I will delight.”

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