The Quakers tell the story of one of their number who put up a sign on a vacant piece of ground next to his house. The sign read,


A wealthy farmer rode by, read the sign, then went to the owner’s house. He said to the Quaker, “I may as well have the land you are offering because I qualify: I am rich. I have everything I need. I am satisfied.” “Are thee really satisfied?” the Quaker asked. “Yes, I have everything I need and I am well satisfied,” said the rich man. “My friend,” said the Quaker, “if thee is satisfied, why does thee want my land?”


In the Gospels, Jesus gives us a sign that reads,

I will give peace of mind and heart and soul, I will give contentment to all persons who acknowledge the Gospel Truth of a loving God who wants them to express their love for Him through their love for one another.

God is Love! The Mystery of God is the Mystery of Love! In God’s Wisdom, we are given our best human glimpse into this awesome Mystery in and through our love for one another. And, in God’s Wisdom, that is enough for now.

Be satisfied … Be content! And live accordingly!

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