Puppy Love

Puppy love

Including pets in your wedding celebration – do or don’t?

Dear Mrs Married,

I’m desperate for my beloved dog to be my ringbearer (my friend did something similar at her wedding and it was beyond adorable).

However, I didn’t realise that my groom’s aunt has an allergy to dogs; she starts sneezing whenever she’s near one. I suppose I have to forget my plan… Don’t I?

Charlotte, Leeds

Dear Charlotte,

The idea of having a four-legged friend walk you down the aisle may seem very ‘aww!’ but the reality is a lot less Hallmark-friendly.

Unwanted barking, scratching and, er, cocking at key moments of your ceremony are all risks you will have to encounter – and I’ll never forget the wedding I went to where the bride’s German Shepherd howled mournfully as she said ‘I do’.

The aunt shouldn’t be a problem – advise her that you’re desperate to have your pooch involved, treat her to a packet of anti-histamines and reassure her that you’ll do your utmost to keep the dog away from her.

Mrs M x

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