The Aaronic Blessing


A female contemporary of mine was studying at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.

At weekends, she would, when possible, deputise for Church organists at Sunday Worship.

On one particular occasion, she was told by the Minister that there was to be a baptism that day.

He said to her, “After the Sacrament, I will simply announce “The Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee” (the Aaronic Blessing) – “just start playing, when you hear me say this”

Unfortuntely, the student stand-in lost concentration and went into a bit of a ‘dwam’ (a good old Scots word)

She didn’t hear the cue, “The Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee” – so, silence from the organ.

The Minister repeated, loudly this time, “THE LORD BLESS THEE AND KEEP THEE”.

Still silence from the organ.

A third time even louder…. and she left her “dream state”.

She grabbed the very large and very heavy tome of ‘Church Organists’ Volume of Music for Services’

Unfortunately, she hadn’t pre-prepared the page number and, in total panic, had to thumb through the index.

As she was doing so, she dropped the book and it landed on the organ pedals.

There then followed a cacophony of prolonged and excruciating discordant sounds.

So endeth this student’s days as a Church Organist

(p.s. she did, after graduating, become a very successful international opera singer!) 


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July 14, 2013 · 11:36

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