“religious” mother berates Atheist son



In this video, a teenage boy named Michael, having announced that he is atheist, is verbally and even physically abused by his so-called “Christian” mother.

The video begins with the mother saying, “You’re atheist! Give me a f*cking break!”

The boy sits in his chair calmly as his mother berates him and tries to shove her beliefs down his throat.

Then the mother storms over to her son, grabs him, and gets in his face, screaming that if he does not believe in God, he would get nothing for Christmas. Because Christmas “is all about Jesus Christ!”

The son says, “Okay!”. Then the video ends with the mother saying, “No! It is NOT okay, Michael! It is NOT okay!”

During the entire video, the man who appears to be the father remains calm, and stays out it. The poor guy has probably had to learn that in order to survive living with this woman.

There is some heavy-duty language in this, brought to you by the wholesome, Christian mother.

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August 19, 2013 · 12:59

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