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Charlie Chaplain’s Tales

A new Chaplain is being given the tour of the Hospital. He and the Director of Nursing walk the hallways of the hospital.

Passing one of the rooms he sees a nurse on top of a patient having passionate sex.

“What on earth is this nurse doing?!” He asked. The Nursing Director casually replies “this man has a very rare condition. If he doesn’t ejaculate 6 or more times a day, his testicles fill up with pressure and literally explode.”

The new Chaplain, stunned, but content with the answer continues on with his tour of the hospital.

A few doors down he sees a man bored and sighing trying very “hard” .

“And this man? ” the Chaplain asked.

The Director of Nursing replies “Oh, this man? He has the same condition as the patient with the exploding balls a few doors down.

But he’s not an  NHS patient – he’s with BUPA

Bupa (originally, the British United Provident Association) was established in 1947 when 17 British provident associations joined together to provide healthcare for the general public. The original services offered by Bupa included private medical insurance, and eventually expanded to include privately run Bupa hospitals. Bupa had an initial registration of 38,000 when founded, but currently has over 11 million members worldwide, and is the largest private health insurance provider in the UK

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