A missionary was walking down a road through the jungles of Africa when a group of cannibals come across him.

The cannibals tie him up and drag him off into the jungle. They take him to their camp on put him in a pot of boiling water (of course).

After awhile the water begins to get really hot, and the missionary starts pleading for his life. The cheif cannibal dude comes out and says he will spare the young mans life, but he has to pass a test (like as in most jokes…). The missionary gladly accepts, not even caring about what the test might be.

OK, says the cheif, first you must guzzle down a gallon of vodka in 15 seconds, then you must pull a tiger’s sore tooth out, and after all that, you must deflower a virgin maiden

They take the missionary and sit him down in front of the vodka. He guzzles it down in 13.58 seconds. Next they push him over to the tigers den. The young man drunkly stumbles his way into the den. They hear sounds of roaring and growling for the longest time; then finally the missionary comes out, his clothes  tattered and cuts and bruises all over him, and drunkly says “now, where’s that maiden with the sore tooth?”


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