imagePERHAPS the Three Kings should be bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and mirth – as a church in Kent has created a nativity scene made entirely of Lego.

Bessels Green Baptist Church in Sevenoaks has invited locals to place their own figures into the festive display, which explains why there are four Star Wars droids accompanying Mary and Joseph on their long journey to Bethlehem.

And one member of the parish has even seen fit to add an octopus to the birth of Christ, while another unidentified member of the public has added a Lego man with a lawnmower watching the shepherds.

Minister Neil Durling said the decision was simply for ‘fun’, adding: “We have the main seven stories of the Nativity made from Lego.

“We’re allowing and encouraging people to add their own quirky bits and bobs to them.

“We’ve got aliens and monsters with the shepherds and sheep, and a spaceman looking after one of the horses in the manger.

“This is the first time we’ve done this, and I think it’s already proving a big hit.”

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