Today in Bethlehem


Today in Bethlehem

Today in Bethlehem, today in Bethlehem
(there is) merry news
That the pure Maiden, that the pure Maiden
Has borne a son

Christ is born
He’s going to deliver us
The angels are playing (music)
The kings are bidding welcome
The shepherds are singing
The cattle are kneeling
Wonders, wonders do they announce

Mary the Maiden, Mary the Maiden
Is nursing the child
And Saint Joseph and Saint Joseph
He’s taking care of Her


Although in a little barn, although in a little barn
The Maiden is bearing Her son
After all He’ll soon, after all He’ll soon
deliver the people


And the Three Kings, and the Three Kings
arrived from the east
and they gathered precious
gifts for the Lord, gifts for the Lord


Let’s go, too, let’s go, too
and bid welcome to Jesus
King of Kings, King of Kings
to adore Jesus


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December 12, 2013 · 11:21

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