it’s tragic that some congregations don’t like people who don’t conform to their behaviour patterns and belief systems, through fear, ignorance or bigotry. Perhaps that’s the underlying cause (and not “because the Bible says it’s wrong”) of so many C of S ministers and churches being so homophobic. LGBT folk will never be welcomed – but, hey, Jesus hasn’t been welcomed into their midst either!

I once had a thirty year old with severe learning disabilities in one of my congregations some years ago.  He loved singing the hymns but would whoop and 
shout during them.  And everybody accepted that.  He came every Sunday with his parents, one of whom was an Elder.  At a KS meeting - before I became Minister 
of this particular church - a majority of his Dad's fellow elders turned down a request that the young guy became a communicant member, on the grounds that "he 
wouldn't understand" what was happening at Holy Communion.  His father simply asked "How do you know?"  The lad was admitted without any more discussion. 

Did someone mention "grace"?

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