Palm Sunday – Port of Spain, Trinidad

Sky Pilot

The Meenister’s Log

Picture an Island in the sun, where palm trees grow and there are golden beaches and turquoise waters.

But come inland from this tropical paradise to the dust and dirt of a city, where there is noise and squalor, crime, frustration and violence just bubbling away under the surface.

This is Port of Spain, the capital city of the Caribbean island of Trinidad – an Island named by Christopher Columbus in honour of the Holy Trinity.

Largely now thoughts of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have been replaced by a new trinity of poverty, crime and drugs.

There is a novel by the American writer Herman Wouk – “Don’t Stop the Carnival” – in which he describes a fictitious West Indian island as being like “Hell with palm trees”

To many of the inhabitants of Trinidad, particularly the very poor, the exploited, and the victims of…

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