Between Cross and Resurrection – Alan E. Lewis (Holy Saturday)

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 ISBN-10: 0802826784 | ISBN-13: 978-0802826787
The first comprehensive theology of Holy Saturday ever written, Between Cross and Resurrection shows that at the centre of the biblical story and the church’s creed lies a three-day narrative. Lewis explores the meaning of Holy Saturday — the restless day of burial and waiting — from the perspectives of narrative (hearing the story), doctrine (thinking the story), and ethics (living the story). Along the way he visits as many spiritual themes as possible in order to demonstrate the range of topics that take on fresh meaning when viewed from the vantage point of Holy Saturday. Between Cross and Resurrection is not only incisive and elegantly written, but it is also a uniquely moving work deeply rooted in Christian experience. While writing this book Lewis experienced his own Holy Saturday in suffering from and finally succumbing to cancer. He considered Between Cross and Resurrection to be the culmination of his…

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One response to “Between Cross and Resurrection – Alan E. Lewis (Holy Saturday)

  1. Only by recovering prophetic and objective modes of preaching, in faithfulness to the gospel of Christ crucified and in contradiction to society’s profane habits and priorities, can we truly challenge our dying culture and reveal to it its own possibilities for resurrection.
    Alan E Lewis. “Between Cross and Resurrection. A Theology of Holy Saturday” Eerdmans 2001 p 377


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