“The Blossom and Fruit of the Year”

D.H. Lawrence wrote this:

“The churches loudly assert: we preach Christ crucified!

But in doing so, they preach only half of the passion, and do only half their duty.

The creed says: ‘He was crucified, died, and was buried…the third day he rose again from the dead’.

And again ‘I believe in the resurrection of the body,’ so that to preach Christ crucified is to preach half the truth.

 It is the business of the Church to preach Christ born among men which is Christmas, Christ crucified which is Good Friday, and Christ risen which is Easter.

And after Easter, till November and All Saints, and till Annunciation, the year belongs to the risen Lord: that is all the full flowering summer and the autumn of wheat and fruit.  All belong to Christ risen.

 But the churches insist on Christ crucified and rob us of the blossom and fruit of the year.

 The resurrection is to LIFE, not to death.  Can I not then walk this earth in gladness being risen from sorrow?  Is the flesh that was crucified become as poison to the crowds in the street, or is it a strong blossoming out of the earth’s humus?”


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