Saints in da V’tcan

The Canonisation of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II – Rome, 27 April 2014

With apologies to my very many Catholic friends, this was a wonderful and significant occasion at St Peter’s today: the canonisation of John XXIII and John Paul II, but, although they did much for the Roman Catholic Church, for hastening the end of the USSR in the case of the latter, and for the reforms his predecessor inaugurated – as a Protestant, I just don’t get it.

They are now “immortal”, but aren’t all true followers of Christ?

They are to be honoured and lauded for their achievements but isn’t this too soon for the ultimate veneration?

Just a thought.

Also, and this is important: This is the first time in history that two popes have been canonised at the same time.  And the first time that two Popes have been present (Francis and “Pope Emeritus” Benedict)?

A final note:  I’m a bit uneasy about this – Relics of each man – a container of blood from John Paul and a piece of skin from John – were placed near the altar.

Am I alone at feeling a bit disturbed by this?

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  1. Canonisation, i though having managing to get my son off his playstation for 1 1/2 hours last christmas to watch a film, i was in the running for sainthood, but obviously not Sandy….. Maybe next year. EH??


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