100 days – Day 15

100 DAYS

100 days – Day 15: old friends

Today, we say farewell to one of Helen’s dearest friends.  They were at school together.

Helen predeceased Lyn  by just under two years.  She was only 58 and Lyn had just turned 60.

Too young and so sad.

Both were “individuals” in their own way.  Both a wee bit off-the-wall.  Each of them caring and compassionate.

I treasure this message received in December 2012:

Hello Sandy, I was doing Christmas cards today and I came to trying to do yours and they all said things like ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Christmas’ and I know it won’t be for you.

Then one of your friends mentioned Helen’s name on Facebook and I have been crying since – I can hardly bear the thought of what you must be going through at this time and I miss her too so much. She was alway there…

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