100 days – Day 20

100 DAYS

100 days – Day 20: A Short Entry

I’m used to jokes about my height – I’m only 5′ 5″ and shrinking as I get older.

I remember a minister who was visiting his parishioners in the Infirmary and who popped into the Chaplain’s Office first.  “Don’t get up!” he said, as he came through the doorway.  “Oh, you’re already standing up…. I couldn’t tell the difference!”  How we laughed.  Oscar Wilde, eat your heart out!

As a child, surprisingly, I was underweight and a faddy eater.  “What, not even SHORTbread?” one wit asked.

Nor did I like milk (still don’t) – cue: “But you must have liked CONDENSED milk!”  Ha! Ha! Ha!    Oh, what jolly japes over the years!

Once, when I was a Parish Minister in a particular church,  the lectern in the pulpit  wast too high for my short stature; I couldn’t see over it.  So…

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