100 days – Day 24: The Legacy

100 DAYS

100 days – Day 24: The Legacy

Today, time caught up with me:  I’ve come to the conclusion that, at the age of 66 (and a half!), I have to make a Will.  So I’ve contacted my solicitor and we’ll get something drawn up next week.

Some people think that they are going to live forever.  But our life is finite and we don’t know when the Man with the scythe  will come knocking on our door.

However, I did this Facebook thingey yesterday and came up with this:


But, a Will it will be!

Whether we have a lot of money or possessions or property to leave, or not – we all leave something……..

I saw the new Spiderman film a couple of days ago.

In the movie, at her High School graduation valedictory speech, one of the characters,  Gwen Stacy, the classmate and Peter Parker’s  former…

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