100 days – Day 81: 12 July

100 DAYS

100 days – Day 81: 12 July   Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, 1690

The Battle of the Boyne was fought in July, 1690 on the banks of the Boyne River near the town of Dorgheda on the east coast of Ireland.  One one side was King James II (seen to champion the Catholic faith); on the other – Prince William of Orange (who became King William III) – for the Protestant cause.

 This ancient battle lives on in the minds of sectarian Protestants and still plays a role in the cultural and political life of many people in Northern Ireland (and  West and Central Scotland)


Some myths…….

  • Modern analysis of documents from the time suggests that Catholics and Protestants fought on both sides.

  • The large banners carried by Orange lodges routinely feature images of “King Billy” on a white horse, prancing across the waters of the River…

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