100 days – Day 94: Apartheid Lives!

100 DAYS

100 days – Day 94: Apartheid Lives!

  • Multimillion Pound housing developments in London – separate entrances for the affluent and for the less well-off

One Commercial Street development

 Left, the luxury lobby of One Commercial Street, marketed to wealthy City workers. Right, the side-alley entrance reserved for affordable housing tenants. Photographs: Sarah Lee for the Guardian

These are “poor doors”,  entrances for the low-income tenants to separate them from wealthy home buyers.   The trend, dubbed “poor doors” in the US where it began, includes separate bicycle storage spaces, rubbish disposal facilities and access for postal deliveries.

In order to win planning permissions many new developments in London are required to include affordable homes, but to get around this,  developers are installing separate access for the “plebs”.

In some properties the entrances are not only separate but also have a different look, and one City building has a hotel-style lobby for well-healed residents and a…

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