Wedding Belles

A colleague mentioned that he recently had a bride-to-be on the phone, who said : “My fiancee and I have been to see your Church from the outside…does it have a centre aisle….you are one of a few whom we are considering for our wedding venue….how much does it cost?…..

Another minister friend once said to a couple “I hope the centre aisle and the photogenic steps are not the only reasons for you getting married in the church.” They never came back!

I once conducted a wedding in a particular hotel.  After the ceremony, the marriage party walked the few yards  down the street to have their photographs taken outside the nearby church

When I was minister at Inveresk Kirk, which has a rather  large sanctuary, at one particular rehearsal (the bride was a parishioner) the lassie looked around in awe and said “It’s awfy big!” That was her first visit!

The layout of the building – whether it has a centre aisle, or the length of said aisle – should not be a criterion for someone to deign ones kirk with their presence. Stage management (best video/camera angles) is trying to manipulate so much these days when it comes to wedding services. I once did tell a video guy who was virtually leaning on my shoulder to **** off – luckily it was during the last hymn, but perhaps the sound was still active!

Regarding the choice of hymns…. “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and “Morning has Broken” are very popular choices, because they are often the only hymns they know (from schooldays); however, a bit of cheeky inventiveness – once after the signing of the schedule, the couple exited to the Beatles “Ticket to Ride”. Deary me!

And, finally …. for the time being… (another colleague was asked):  “can I put baby pink bows on each of those pewy thingies…?”

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