what are we going to do with Keiran?

The Sunday School superintendent didn’t know what to do with Keiran.  He wasn’t the brightest of laddies and, although he was eager, he got most of the answers to questions about the Bible totally wrong.  ( eg – “With what did Moses part the Red Sea?” Answer: “with a sea-saw!”)  The Nativity Play was a matter of days away, and she couldn’t think of a part for him.

Then, fortuitously for her, one of Keiran’s Sunday School friends was stricken with ‘flu, and had to withdraw.  This boy was to have been the Innkeeper – and with only one line to deliver, “No, there’s no room at the Inn”, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem for Keiran to learn.  And learn it, he did – easily.  

The big day arrived.  The Minister, after the announcements, left the chancel area to the youngsters.  Enter Mary and Joseph…….  

They walked up to the Inn door, and “Joseph” knocked.  Keiran stood frozen to the spot, nerves having got the better of him.

“Please, Sir, my wife is about to have a baby”, said “Joseph”, “may we have a room for the night.”

Keiran hesitated, desperately trying to recall his lines.  But all that he could remember was, “No…”  And then hesitated. “Nope..” he tried again, then completely dried up.

“Joseph” looked at him for a moment, then desperately tried to improvise:  “have you got a stable round the back, then?”

Kern gulped nervously and again said “no…….

Exit stage left, “Mary” reduced to tears, to ask their pals what to do.

Someone suggested that they go back to Keiran, push him aside and force themselves into the inn.  So they did……..three wise men joined them, one of whom hit Keiran over the head with a gold bar, turning to the aghast audience, saying “It’s not real gold – it’s just a lump of metal wrapped in gold foil!”

At that stage, amongst the mayhem, shouting, and collapsing scenery, the organist started to play the tune, “Silent Night” , and the mums and dads and grandparents and brothers and sisters, muttered the words…”all is calm, all is bright…”

Peace, goodwill to all men

I understand that next year, Keiran will be one of the Angels (!), but without a speaking part.





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