The PC Presbyter

Oh dear!  Just heard of a retired minister who was “filling in” for a few Sundays, during a Minister’s absence because of illness.

He used the word “mankind” at one point in his sermon, only to be heckled by a politically correct young member in the congregation who shouted out, “It’s ‘humankind’!”

I have to admit that I’ve been using the word, “humankind” since the early nineties.

I mention this, because of a University friend who emigrated to Canada, and became a Minister in the United Church of Canada.

He recalls that at one Presbytery meeting, when a “roadshow” ,promoting the UCoC, was being discussed, he asked an innocent question about who would be “manning” the various stalls at the exposition.

The (female) Moderator of Prebytery glowered at him, and asked him to repeat what he had just said.

Somewhat flummoxed, and assuming that she must be a bit hard of hearing, Alastair repeated his question – with more emphasis this time, and a bit louder.

The Moderator stared at him – and here I quote her actual words: she coldly reprimanded him, saying “You say that one more time, buddy, and you’re out that door!”

Somebody near him whispered to him, “The word is ‘staffing’ not ‘manning’

Oh dear (again) dare we use the title, “Son of Man” ever again?

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