It’s been reported that 100,000 paperback editions of Gideon Bibles have been sent to Nepal,and that the government has allegedly told the missionaries that next time perhaps they “give their thick heads a shake” and send emergency supplies instead.

The Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala is supposed to have commented, “Well, isn’t that just a plane-load full of stupid?”,  when told by CNN that the plane taxiing in to Tribhuvan International Airport was full of Gideon Bibles.

This, against the backdrop of millions of Nepalese desperate for help following the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has struck the country.

The Nepal PM is quoted as allegedly saying, “We cannot eat Bibles. We cannot use them as shovels.”

“Nepal desperately needs food and medicine and equipment and workers…not books.”


Social media is abuzz with this story which seems to have originated from “The Lapine”, a satirical website.

The ironic part of the story (and what makes for good sarcasm) is that it is not that unbelievable. Things like this have been done numerous times.

Gideons International  say that the organization does continually ship Bibles all across the world. However, they send them on container ships, not planes.

Concerning Nepal specifically,  they had their own printing operations within the country, and they had printed 200,000 copies of the Bible in December. Therefore, let’s not worry –  the Gideons in Nepal have plenty of Bibles to distribute to the victims of the earthquake….. just the thing to help the suffering in this tragedy of immense scale.

It’s a pity, though, that the books aren’t edible or potable, nor provide much needed shelter.



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