There is real chemistry between Ben and God

from “Dead State”
Ben Carson: ‘God gave me the answers to my college chemistry exam in a dream’
posted by Sky Palma May 7, 2015

At the International Day of Prayer this morning, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson told the audience about the time God helped him ace his college chemistry final exam by giving him all the answers in a dream.

Carson explained how his plans of being a doctor were nearly ruined when he was failing his chemistry class so badly that even if he got an A on the final exam, he wouldn’t have been able to pass. His only chance was a rule put forth by the professor that allowed students to receive double credit on the final. Upon hearing this, Carson asked God for a miracle the night before the test.
But instead of studying, Carson fell asleep and had a dream that he was alone in an auditorium where a “nebulous figure” appeared before him with a blackboard and wrote out the answers.

“When I went to take the test the next morning, it was like The Twilight Zone,” Carson said. “I opened that book and I recognized the first problem as one of the ones I dreamed about. And the next, and the next, and the next, and I aced the exam and got a good mark in chemistry. It worked out okay and I promised the Lord he would never have to do that for me again.”

Watch Carson recount his dream in the video below, via Right Wing Watch:



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