for Trinity Sunday


O Chíef o chíefs,

Lord o lords,

Kíng o kíngs;

Be wíe me lyin doon,

Be wíe me at the blink o day.

Withoot You nae delyte nor licht,

Nae licht withoot You.

O Son o Mary,

Son o Man,

Son o the Faither:

Be wíe me i the pit-mirk,

Be wíe me in braid day.

Withoot You nae day nor nicht,

Nae nicht without You.

Spírit o life,

Spírit o pooer,

Spírit o truith:

Be wíe me on the stey brae,

Be wíe me in the saft howe.

Withoot You nae deep nor hicht,

Nae hicht withoot You.

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