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Asian Image‘Jeans-wearing women’ cause earthquakes, says cleric (From Asian Image)


First published Tuesday 2 June 2015 in Columnists
by Asian Image reporter

A leading Pakistani cleric claims women who wear jeans cause earthquakes.

Speaking during a press conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, Fazlur Rehman said immodest women are the cause of earthquakes, inflation, lack of energy supply and the security situation in Pakistan.
The New Indian Express newspaper reported that the cleric called upon the Pakistani army to launch a military operation against women who wear jeans.

Fazlur Rehman continued by comparing women wearing jeans to a “mobile weapon of mass destruction.”

He added that if women are as covered as a “sack of flour” these disasters would be averted.

According to Rehman, attacks by the Taliban could be eliminated if Sharia law were to be implemented and if women were restricted to their homes.

The cleric reportedly said, “The Taliban are our brothers and their angst against the state is justified…there is a need to earmark and eliminate the real enemy of Pakistan: every woman who wears jeans.”


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