Tricked – and no Treat

I remember in my first Charge (in the mid-70s) being “informed” by the congregation’s know-all as to “what Hallowe’en is actually about”

“Now, Reverend, do you know what Hallowe’en really is?”

“Yes – it is actually ‘Samhain’, an old Celtic festival – it means “Summer’s End” is a celebration of the end of the harvest and the start of the coldest half of the year.”

She looked at me in pity, with a look that implied that Divinity faculties weren’t teaching their students properly these days.  A dismissive laugh. “No, no” condescendingly, “It’s a contraction of ‘All Hallows Eve” – the evening before All Saints Day; the word ‘hallow’ (as in the Lord’s Prayer – “hallowed be thy Name”) meaning ‘holy'”

She looked smugly at me, in a manner that shouted “That’s him telt”

“Away and stick your broomstick up yer arse!” I replied …… actually I didn’t; instead I thanked her politely for “putting me right” and complimented her on her knowledge.

Pity the poor young minister whose members often like to flaunt their superior understanding of God, the Universe, and all that stuff.

Happy Samhain!



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