Funerals – Trinidad style….. 2

Sky Pilot

from The Meenister’s Log – August 3, 2012

I conducted several funeral services when I was ministering in Trinidad in the late 1970s/early 80s

The custom was to have the open coffin at the entrance to the church and the mourners would file past, looking at the deceased  (I remember overhearing one of the congregation saying of the corpse “doesn’t she look well?”).

After the church service, it was basically a free for all getting to the cemetery which was a few miles away.

We simply waited until everybody turned up (often the hearse was last to arrive)

The lid on the coffin was re-opened in order for everyone to have a last look.


Once at Lapeyrouse Cemetery in Port of Spain, the younger sister of the deceased – an elderly lady – looked into the open coffin and said with a loud chuckle to her dead sibling: “I’M the boss…

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