Resurrection and Life

Sky Pilot

It’s about eight and a half years since my wife, Helen, was diagnosed as having cancer.  After surgery, she had chemotherapy and radiotherapyShe was in and out of the hospital. Then she seemed to be in remission. The cancer was in retreat, the prognosis reasonably good. Then this time last year it recurred, and nothing could be done – she became a palliative care patient, first at home, then in hospital where she died aged only 58.

“She put up a brave fight”some  people said & then added ” but the cancer finally won.”

Did it?  When she died, where was that “victorious” cancer?

It was in the coffin with her and it was dead.  In killing her, it killed itself.

And where was she?”  She was with God – not dead, but alive.

So who won?  She did.  She did because Christ did.

Jesus says, ‘I am the…

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