Thine be the Glory!

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The tune of Thine Be the Glory was written by Handel in 1747, intended for use in Handel’s Joshua oratorio however when it was played, it was popular enough that Handel added it to Judas Maccabaeus.

In 1884, Edmond L. Bundry used Handel’s tune and wrote words for them, which he titled “A Toi la Gloire.” It is reported that he was inspired to write it after the death of his first wife, Marie de Vayenborg in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was later published in French hymn book, Chants Evangéliques.

The hymn was first translated from French into English by Richard B. Hoyle in 1923.[1] He was commissioned to translate the hymn by the World Student Christian Federation after Bundy granted the W S C D permission  to reproduce it from the French version.

Original Lyrics
À toi la gloire, O Ressuscité!
À toi la victoire pour l’éternité!

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