And, behold He went to Aldi

Just back from a wedding.

On arrival, getting out of my car, this matronly lady engages me in conversation….

….”Are you the Vicar?” (I think that the clerical collar should have been a giveaway)

“I’m the Minister, yes”

“Are you here to ‘do’ the wedding?” (??????)

“I am, indeed – and what a lovely afternoon it is for it”

“I was at a another wedding just a couple of weeks ago. It was lovely. The Vicar gave a lovely sermon. He talked about Jesus at some kind of party. (* the wedding at Cana) and he, Jesus, not the Vicar, said that the ordinary people, you know the plebs, should just get the cheap wine – you know, the kind of stuff you can buy for 3 quid in Aldi…. not that they had Aldis or even Lidls in his day……

“But the toffs should get the really good stuff…..sorta like what I get from my wine club.

“Do you know that story?”

“I’ve heard something like it, but not quite the same”

“Of course, you’re Scottish. Do you use a different Bible?

“Would love to talk to you about it, but I’d better go inside now and have a chat with the bridegroom. See you later!”

Yes, back at home now, and just about to pour a very large glass of Merlot….. which later I will turn into water, such is the miracle of the human body.


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