Mind the Gap

Oh dear!

Even although I’ve preached here a few times, I got into a tangle at this morning’s service at which I was guest minister.

The Order of Service is a wee bit different:

A welcome song (usually a short hymn from Mission Praise) is first sung by a small choir.

Call to Worship (Minister )

Address (more adult orientated, as no kids present)

Prayer and Lord’s Prayer.



Doxology: “Praise God from whom all blessings flow”


{note below what happened next*}
Doxology: “May the God of peace go with us”
Benediction and Threefold Sung Amen


After dedicating the Offering, I went straight into prayers of thanksgiving/intercession….

….then the hymn following.




So what to do next?  A space where the prayers should be…. then the last hymn etc?

I was tempted to do what a colleague in his Divinity studies days did one Sunday, during a preaching gig.

To his horror, his carefully prepared service was going to be far too short – was due to finish after 40 minutes, instead of an hour or thereabouts.

So….. he got the congregation to pray the Lord’s Prayer (again – they had already said it near the beginning of the Service.  This added a minute (if that), so he got them to repeat the Apostles Creed, which added a bit more, then, after the last hymn, desperately ad libbed a “Farewell” type prayer tagged onto the Benediction.

I did consider inserting the Nicene Creed “in the gap” – but, instead, went straight to the final Doxology and Benediction, missing out the last hymn altogether

at least, we got our post-service coffee earlier, and I got home in plenty time to watch Andy Murray’s tennis game on TV

and to a ripped apart large rubbish bag in the kitchen, where one of the culprits had also deposited something fecal beside the washing machine

Somehow it rather summed up this morning’s material for the Service: rubbish and c**p!




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