A Visit

The doorbell rang, and the elderly gentleman, whose house this was, went to the front door and opened it.

Standing there was a couple – a middle aged woman and a younger man.  The woman was clutching a bundle of pamphlets and magazines.

“We’d like to interest you in ‘missionary work'”, said the young man.

“Who exactly are you?” asked the homeowner.

“We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses” replied the woman.

“Oh, do come in!” said the old man, “I’m fascinated with religion in all its denominations and faiths”

So they entered the house, and were invited to take a seat at the kitchen table – they accepted.

“I’m just mixing myself a Bloody Mary. Would you like one too?”

Horrified, yet politely, they declined. “A glass of water instead, please?” they asked, “If that’s OK”

“Certainly! Two glasses of Adam’s Ale coming up”

Then he added, “This is lovely; I’m so happy to see you both. Now, what is it that you want to share with me”

Silence…..then – the woman stutters, “I don’t know! We’ve never got beyond the front door before!”


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