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iPod (a children’s story for the Fifth Sunday of Epiphany, Year B)


I’m sure that all of you will know what this tiny little thing is – an iPod.

Some of the grown ups here might not know what that is. – can anybody tell them?

It’s a great little gadget – and it’s something that is very personal to us…. we choose the songs to put on it…… and we’re the only people who usually listen to it.

We fix headphones to it and only we can hear the music – whether we’re walking along the road, or in our room, or travelling somewhere.

It’s great to cut ourselves off from everything around us.

Jesus did that sometimes – NOT with an iPod! He would go away to a quiet place and, on his own, would listen to God.

Now, here’s a thing. If we come across something really good, we usually want to share it.

My iPod here actually stays in my car all the time. Although the car has a CD player, it also has a little slot into which I can attach my iPod…… and the music plays through the speakers….. so that all the passengers with me can enjoy the songs too.

When Jesus finished being in a place on his own, praying to God and listening to him, he would come back to join everybody else – and most times there were crowds of them – and would share the good news of God’s love with them.

And so should everybody who loves Jesus. It’s great to be on our own sometimes – but how much better it is to share with other folk just how wonderful a Saviour he is.

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